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I have often been asked, what are the best ways to acquire clients with your landing page?

One of the most frustrating things that I have experienced after setting up a landing page is low client acquisition. I have invested countless hours of trial and error in order to accumulate the insight I am about to share with you. Moreover, my aim here is to help you setup a winning formula so that you’re ready to acquire clients with your landing page as soon as you start. However, before I begin, it’s important for you to set an objective. This objective will help gear all your content around achieving a specific result. Also, the type of landing page that you will need will depend on the objective that you set. Otherwise, without an objective, you will find it rather difficult to develop a well designed landing page that caters to your specific audience.

Here are some of the best ways to acquire clients with your landing page:

  • Set an objective for your landing page
  • Include a call to action in the top right-hand corner of the header
  • Add a banner, small copy and call to action below the header
  • Maintain a low word count, your copies should be succinct and direct
  • Highlight your main value proposition as often as you can
  • Include several call to action buttons on your landing page
  • Use bullet points to break up your sentences
  • Include a combination of images and videos with your copy
  • Add at least three to four client testimonials
  • And include logo’s of businesses that you have worked with

Have a Clear Objective for Your Landing Page

It’s essential that you have an objective for your landing page. Knowing the purpose behind your landing page will provide a solid foundation to build upon and will ultimately help to guide your page visitor to an intended conclusion. In this particular case, we want to build a landing page that is optimised for acquiring more prospects. With that in mind, we are able to focus on setting up the content on our landing page to achieve that specific result.

Person with compass looking for a direction
Have you got an objective? Make sure to set one before embarking on your journey.

Include a Call to Action in Your Header

Now that you have an objective, consider adding a large call to action button to the top right-hand corner of your landing page, either next to or above your menu. Also, make sure to use large text and a colour that stands out on your button as this will catch the attention of your prospects. Furthermore, not only will it catch their attention, they might also commit by clicking your call to action. Another important thing to consider is that you should avoid adding too much to your header. You should only display your menu, logo, social icons and call to action. Things like FAQ, Terms and business information can be added to the bottom of the page in your footer. I could not recommend this step enough, as it will definitely help you to acquire clients with your landing page.

CTA in header used to acquire clients with your landing page
Include a call to action in the top-right hand corner of your header.

Set up a Landing Page Banner

A landing page banner should be positioned under the header. This particular section is very important as it’s one of the first things your prospects will view as soon as they land on your landing page. Therefore, having one will boost your chance for acquiring clients. On this banner, provide a small copy covering what your business offers, be as direct as you can. underneath this copy, include a ‘Call To Action’ button, don’t forget to add a video or image as your banner background. Including an image or video will help to reinforce the copy and call to action. However, some people make the mistake of not including a call to action or adding a large paragraph. Unfortunately, getting this section wrong can lead to a massive loss in potential clients.

Banner, copy and CTA used to acquire clients with your landing page
Set up a banner with a call to action, copy and an image. This step is very important.

Reduce your Landing Page Word Count

Avoid adding large paragraphs onto your landing page as this will work against you in the long run. People tend to either scan over large paragraphs or avoid them completely. Chances are, your prospect is in a rush, so be sure to reduce the word count on your landing page. More specifically, your goal is to be succinct and direct about what your business offers in the way of value. Try to find a way to narrow down your sentences. Furthermore, highlight your main value proposition a number of times. This will constantly remind your prospect of the value they will receive if they commit to using your service.

Include Several Call To Action’s

Call to action’s are a great way to prompt an immediate response from your prospect. If used correctly, and regularly, you will undoubtedly have a higher chance of acquiring that client with your landing page. Moreover, make sure to include several call to action’s. This is a great way to regularly remind your prospect to take action, don’t overdo it though. Also, large buttons with bright colours do well, just make sure that it flows with the rest of your landing page.

Simplify Your Landing Page with Bullet Points

Using bullet points or icons will allow for an easier reading experience for your prospects. Furthermore, people prefer reading bullet points over long paragraphs, as it’s small and easy to digest. This helps the reader understand your message as the information is broken down into smaller sentences. Therefore, I recommend that you use bullet points to highlight the benefits of your products or services. Also, this method has been shown to convert higher on landing pages opposed to those that use paragraphs.

Landing Page icons stating the value of the business service
Bullet points and Icons are an amazing way to break down sentences for your prospects.

Use Media to Reinforce Your Message

Images and videos are more effective at catching a prospects attention than stand alone copy. It’s about drawing in your prospect with the right use of media. Additionally, media can be used to add impact and weight to your copy. However, your media should be relevant to the rest of your content, otherwise you will run the risk of confusing your prospect. For some, well positioned images and videos can be the determining factor of whether or not they will click on your call to action. In short, add a lot of relevant media to your landing page for great results.

Example of picture use next to copy and call to action
Using Images and Videos can help to reinforce your message and call to action.

Use Testimonials to Boost Credibility and Authority

Another great section to add to your landing page are testimonials. Furthermore, displaying positive feedback from your previous clients will enhance your credibility and authority. Firstly, try adding at least three client testimonials, although four testimonials are ideal. Secondly, include an image of your previous client next to their testimonial, people naturally have more trust in testimonials when they see a face associated with it. However, if you can’t get an image of your previous client, add an image of their business logo. Lastly, If you have worked with other businesses, don’t forget to add a section for their logo’s.

Client testimonials on landing page
Testimonials and business logos are one of the best ways to boost credibility and authority.


To summarise, consider your objective before making a landing page. From here you will have a clear direction and a solid foundation to build from. Next, look at adding a call to action on the top right-hand corner of your header, either next to your menu or above it. Subsequently, I recommend adding a banner under your header with a small copy that tells prospects exactly what your business does.

In addition to that, make sure to include a call to action with your copy to prompt your visitor to take action. It’s also important to make sure you have a low word count throughout the website. You can achieve this by breaking down your copies into small sentences that cover the value of your services or products. For instance, look at adding bullet points or icons rather than long drawn out paragraphs as it will help boost readability on your landing page.

Moreover, media is another great addition for your landing page as it can capture the attention of visitors. This will add more impact and weight to your copy. Lastly, don’t forget to add previous client testimonials and logo’s of businesses that you have worked with. As these sections will serve to boost your credibility and authority.

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